Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Friend who cares

  A friend  is a person who will care about you. Some people say they call friends their best friend. Friends will help you and share things with you like video games. My friend Timothy  and I share video games that me and him don't have for a week.  We decided that if we want to trade video games if it's a games we like. There  are friends on computers and video game system that you can find.On video games system you can have video cables to chat while seeing or friend on TV


               A friend is a sharring reliable, person that you can depend on if  you need help with something a friend will help you. Plus friends will stand up for you sometimes. a friend will have your back. A friend with not talk about you behind your back or get you in trouble for any reason at all. A friend is a person you can hang out with invite over your house play a game with or tell and share your secrets to.

A Friend Who Cares

        A friend is someone you play basketball and do home work with. I always play basketball with my friends Kevin and Malik I always beat them.  Malik does not like play basketball with us because he says that me in Kevin  play hard.
       A friend is helpful and a friend does not get you in trouble.  They have your back when someone tells something you did not do. A friend would not tell you to go to the store to take something. A friend does not call you names and a friend is respectful. Kevin and Malik always help me and I help them but we will not do something to get each other in trouble.

True Friends

                     A  friend is a person who you can trust at all times even when they are mad at you.    A friend that cares about you when you get  hurt.    A friend is someone that you can have fun with out getting in trouble and can go over each other house and talk about games,girls and plans for the weekend and high school.  A friend supports a friend at a game even though they couldn't make it they understand why and Patrick,Kevin and Timothy are true friends.

Jabriana and Daniellea nd Kirshara and Chanell

 A friend is someone you can tal to and that you can tell everthing to in you go over they houes in you care about them you be on the phone with them  you out to eat  you help them when they need help you dont talk aobut them. A friend is there when somebody is talking about you and  your friend say dont talk about her cause she not here in when they about to get jump on they help you and they ever talk about be hand your back.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Friends Who help u

        A friend is someone you can talk to about someone and they don't tell them I was talking about them. A friend is someone that help you if you need help. A friend is someone that care about you. A friend is someone that you can talk to and they want to hear what u got to say. Me and my friend jump rope and we go another house play guessing games and math games.
      A friend is a person that will not let 10 girls jump on you.A friend is a person going to always be your friend like if someone come up to your friend and be like Janee was talking about you to me your friend not going to believe it because she/he
don't hear it. me and my friend go to the park and play ball.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

A Friend Who Cares

      A  friend is someone who cares about you and helps you do a lot of thing like help you with your school work and be with you all day. A friend does not trade on you. He is always on your side. A friend is trustworthy. you can trust them no matter what.